Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Mods, Mini Skirts & Hippies

When thinking of 1960's fashion to me there are three defining chapters, the mods, the mini skirt and the hippies.


First came the mods in the early 1960's who were defined with there slim fitting tailor made suits with narrow lapels and Chelsea boots. Gone were the pale toned shades to be replaced with bright colours and geometric prints.

Mini Skirt

The most iconic fashion symbol of the 1960's, an original design created by Andre Courreges but popularised by Mary Quant and her shop Bazaar on the Kings Road.

This picture of Jean Shrimpton caused a sensation at the Melbourne Cup 1965. No hat, no gloves and a hemline above the knee which was very unusual at the time. Look at the women in the background and their attire, you can see why it was a headline!


In the late 60's the hippie look was in style. Meaning bell bottom jeans, headbands, caftans, sandels and of course psychedellic prints. I think this picture sums up the hippie movement and their fashion perfectly!


Of course there have been plenty of 1960's fashion that l haven't mentioned such as the dandy look inspired by the Edwardian era, maybe another time.

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